June 3rd


BIG EXCITING NEWS!!!  I just launched my very first kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to produce my first ORIGINAL EP!!  

Just a quick little explanation in case you are unfamiliar with kickstarter.  Its an incredible website that connects artists trying to create new projects with people that want to back and support them.  You raise funds for a specific amount of time, in my case 30 days, and if you match your goal or exceed your goal you get all the funds to use for your project.  If you do NOT match your goal in the 30 days, you don’t get any funds and everyone who gave money has their investment returned to them.  So, its an ALL or  NOTHING kind of venture. 


There are also really cool rewards for backing the project.  There are lots of different levels and fun options.  Check out the page for more details and all the exciting news!!!


Thank you for helping make my dream of creating my own music come true!

Keep checking back for more updates!

xoxo  Anne